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Sainsbury's Local | Darwen Road, Bolton | New Store

Sainsbury's Local | Darwen Road, Bolton | New Store

Today we launched a new Sainsbury’s latest convenience store located on Darwen Road in Bolton. The programme commenced on 6th July 2015 handing overto the client on the 11th August with the store launching on the 20th August 2015. 

The works consisted  of a complete store fit-out of a brand new developers shell. This included new signage, refrigeration cases, kiosk, checkouts, ATM and bakery. 

As part of Sainsbury’s on going Community Spirit Programme Sainsburys and CTS Shopfitting  have arranged and contributed £1000 towards new council signage to help direct visitors to the Cornerstone Church. A new sign will be fitted on an original sign post and the local council will also install an additional sign and post.

“As store manager, I am very excited and privileged to be opening a store right in the heart of this great community, especially in a building finished to such a high standard. The passion and performance displayed by our wonderful builders at Sainsbury’s have helped us offer the community a high quality of service in a professional and stylish setting.“ - Store Manager

 “When we first walked into the building it was empty and bare. However, the work of the builders and contractors involved has been high quality. They have transformed the site into a great build, which will be safe and easily accessible for all of our customers. The hard work and time that these professionals have invested into the creation of the store, will help us in ensuring all customer requirements are met. “ – Store Colleague