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An Expanding Local Success

CTS projects come in all shapes and sizes, from minor refurbishments and small installations inside existing shops, to full fit-outs of units within airports, train stations, hospitals and large shopping centres. For years we’ve worked with Sainsbury’s to bring their Local stores to communities across the UK, so our team were delighted to hear that our first project with Heron Foods has now been confirmed.

Heron opened their first store in Hull in 1979. Less than thirty-five years later, the company occupies 235 units across the north of England and the Midlands, providing an essential port of call for many people’s everyday grocery shopping.

Our first project in Wythenshawe, Manchester, is a 3,000sq-foot refurbishment, with a £250k budget and a three-week timeframe. The project will be headed by Adrian Cartwright, a proficient Contracts Manager with years of CTS experience to his name. Needless to say, the entire team is very excited to begin the initial phase!

We’ve also secured a subsequent Heron Foods project at Paragon Street, Hull. The retailer already has a presence just across the road from the new site, and within walking distance is a very popular Tesco Extra, so CTS will employ its full spectrum of skills to visually design and physically create a Heron store that will grab the visitor’s attention and retain their business consistently for many years to come.

Check back in the near future for a photo update on this vibrant project, which is all set to breathe new life into tired units and revitalise the local economies for small communities.